Workflow Rules

Due to occasional delays with ConnectWise PSA callbacks, we have implemented a fallback using Workflow Rules in order to ensure that messages are delivered to and from you in a prompt manner. In order to enable this feature, go to your Sync Configuration page and check the "Enable Workflow Rules?" checkbox near the bottom and then Save your settings.

Workflow Rules uses emails in order to ensure the delivery of messages. Depending on the way that your ConnectWise PSA email connector is configured, this may result in a large number of emails appearing in "Sent" for your email address.

To Disable Workflow rules.

Log into Tixt and on the left-hand side go to Configuration > Sync Configuration. 

Then at the bottom, you will see "Enable Workflow Rules". Uncheck this box and click "Save". Then click Re-apply PSA Settings.

Once you have done this, you will want to verify that these workflows have been disabled in your ConnectWise PSA instance. To verify this go to your Setup Table > Search for Workflow Rules. Once in there if you see the Tixt workflows for both projects and the service board. You will want to delete these two workflows. If you dont see them there then the workflows have been successfully disabled.

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