SMS Broadcast

After successfully configuring your ConnectWise PSA Connection, establishing your Sync Configuration values, and provisioning a Ticket Creating Number, you will have the option to broadcast an SMS message from your newly provisioned Ticket Creation Number to any of your ConnectWise PSA contacts. Please note: After the initial onboarding, SMS Broadcasting can be initiated from the side navigation under SMS Broadcast.

The top most part of the SMS Broadcast form allows you to optionally define query expressions to filter against ConnectWise PSA contacts. By default, the form will pre-load with rows to filter against Company Type, Company Status, and Contact Phone Type.  We recommend you leave these rows for all of your messages.  You should select Status type as "Active" and select your default phone type.  Click the red X in the first column to remove a filter row, click the green + in the header row to add a new filter row, and use the Logic options to build your expression. After defining any query expressions, click “Filter” to build a list of ConnectWise PSA contacts in the bottom part of the SMS Broadcast form.

As ConnectWise PSA contacts are retrieved, the Contacts table will be populated with the filtered results. Each row will display the contact’s first and last name, the phone communication type, the phone number, and the contact’s company name. You can sort by column by clicking the column header, and you can search against these columns by typing into the Search box is on the right.
Please note: The limit is 300 contacts per broadcast message.

When the Contacts table has finished populating, click the checkbox in the first column for any/all contacts you wish to broadcast a SMS message. When you have finished selecting contacts, click Next to edit your SMS Broadcast message.

Your first SMS Broadcast message will prepopulate with a suggested onboarding message. Additionally, the SMS Broadcast message can contain reserved keywords that will be replaced when the message is sent to each contact.

  1. {first_name} – The contacts first name.

  2. {last_name} – The contacts last name.

  3. {company} – The contact’s company name.

  4. {ticket_creation_number} – Your Tixt Ticket Creation Number.

You can edit the suggested message. Otherwise, click Submit to trigger the SMS Broadcast for processing.

Once the SMS Broadcast has been sent, you have completed the onboarding process.


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