CrewHu and Tixt integration

In order to configure the connection between CrewHu and Tixt follow the steps described below:

1. Login to CrewHu to obtain the Access Token:

Navigate to Settings> Integration > click at Add button

2. Enter the description of your choice. It may be Tixt for example.

3. Copy the token you´ve just created:

4. Login to Tixt. Navigate to Configurations > Survey integration> Paste the token under the CrewHu Open API Access Token:

Now CrewHu and Tixt are connected. As soon as the technician responds to the ticket your customer will be able to leave the survey.

There are three types of 1 click surveys available:

  • Resolved
  • Reply
  • Signature 

Please see below for the configuration of each of these types.

You can check the surveys at any point in your CrewHu account under Operations > Survey history.

The surveys can be customized in your CrewHu account under Settings> CSAT Survey.

The following customizations are available:

1) Upload your company logo:

2) Choose rating type. You can choose from the list of the preloaded options or upload your custom rating type:

3) Under Miscellaneous settings update the Survey language, Enable/Disable IP restrictions, enable/disable showing employee picture:

4) Enable CSAT widget and choose a time frame for it:

5) Choose when to send the notifications and whether to send those to the employee:

6) Choose when to mark the rating as reviewed automatically:

7) Enable and set up  Resolved surveys. It's the survey that is being sent when the ticket is completed or closed. Here you can enable and choose the survey gamification settings:

8) Enable and set up Reply surveys. Here you can enable and choose the survey gamification settings. Reply surveys are being attached to each reply to the ticket:

9) Enable and set up Signature surveys. This type of surveys is used for the communication outside of the ticketing system. Email signature surveys can be used as another channel to provide feedback.

10) Customize the wording for survey Page copy:

11) Customize survey Thank you page:

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