Tixt not picking up the correct phone number for the contact

In cases when the update is being sent not to the number that you expected, for example, to direct number instead of the cell number you might want to consider the following:

  • Tixt is designed to use whichever communication item is specified on the company pod. You might want to review the contact in question and check for the default communication item.
  • Due to limitations in the ConnectWise PSA Hosted API, the ticket will need to be
    saved twice when changing either the Ticket Contact Name or Phone Number. This limitation requires the ticket to be saved after the contact information in the Send Notes as Tixt pod has been updated.
    This happens because ConnectWise PSA API marks all phone numbers (cell, phone, office) as one type, phone. We don't have a way to distinguish that it is a cell phone versus a regular phone. We are looking into adding logic so that many common labels for cell phone are picked up and used. These are custom-labelled fields that are setup in your setup tables so they can be labelled whatever one wants. But, if we search for some common ones like mobile and cell phone, we should be able to work around it at some point. It's on the list of things we want to do this year.

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