I can't find my Tixt pod

Ensure that the ConnectWise user that you have created for the integration has all the permissions mentioned in the article

Want to hook up Tixt with a Security Role with Limited Permissions?


System>API Reports

Add - All
Edit - All

Delete - All
Inquire - All

System>ConnectWise PSA Hosted API

Add - All
Edit - All

Delete - All
Inquire - All

In case if you have identified that the user was missing some of the permissions after applying those, proceed with the following:

1. Login to Tixt.

2. Navigate to Configurations

3. Click at Sync Configuration

4. Click Save

In case if all of the above didn't resolve the issue for you try the following steps:

In ConnectWise ConnectWIse PSA navigate to System> Setup Tables >Open the table Manage Hosted API setup. 

Select the checkboxes for Send Notes as Tixt:

When a new hosted pod is added and enabled it's default location is the very bottom of the ConnectWise PSA Interface. Please note that custom hosted pods are not displayed (at least for tickets) until the ticket record has been saved, so it will not be visible when first creating a new ticket.  

In case if you still don't see the pod in ConnectWise open the Service Desk > Service Board > Click at the ticket > Click at the Plus sign below Drag a pod here or click to add a pod:

Move Send Notes as Tixt to the Displayed section and click Save:

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