How do I add a resource onto a ticket?

Resources and additional contacts can receive tixt messages using the custom "Send Notes as Tixt" pod. This pod should've been created by tixt automatically during onboarding, but it may not be displayed on your service/project ticket interfaces by default. If it is displayed it might be at the bottom of the interface. You can drag it toward the top so you don't have to scroll to the bottom on every ticket.

Select the Send Notes as Tixt pod and click to move it to Displayed

The Send Notes as Tixt pod works like the Send Notes as Email pod, but because it's a custom hosted pod (see the Hosted API Setup table) there are limitations that make it work slightly differently.

The Contact name and number displayed pull from the Company pod Contact name and Ticket number. If you update the company pod contact name / ticket number you may need to save the ticket twice to get the pod to display the updated values. This is an unfortunate limitation due to the hosted pod being mounted in an iframe and the ConnectWise PSA Hosted API not allowing us to retrieve that data from the UI client side, so we have to let the change save to the ConnectWise database, then the next time the Send Notes as Tixt pod fetches data it gets the update. What the Send Notes as Tixt pod displays is the information registered in Tixt, keep that in mind.

Use the Resources pod to add a resource to the ticket. If you check Resources on the Send Notes as Tixt pod any resources on the ticket will receive tixt messages

Be sure the pod displays the resource name and number. The member number will resolve to mobile > home > office, so if the member's mobile or home phone is not set the office number will be used.

Type search into the Cc field to add additional contacts. Results will be displayed as Company | Contact | phone | phone type

Click save on the ticket before adding notes, time entries, or sending SMS messages to include the additional recipients on subsequently processed messages.

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