AR Invoice 'invoice#' already exists in Sage 50 Accounts


Getting an error: AR Invoice 'invoice#' already exists in Sage 50 Accounts when attempting to transfer the invoice to Sage 50. However when searching for the invoice(s) in question in Sage it´s not there.

Troubleshooting steps:

1. To understand where the integration is set up to send invoices check that Company Directory matches: (see image)

2. Confirm each installed integration instance has split invoicing module enabled (see image): 

3. Run maintenance error checking and reindex data files:

4. Compare the database selection in both in Mobius Connect and Sage.  

5. Check if you have the same issue on other machines.

If all of the above doesn't help and invoices still can't be found in Sage, check the logs and compare the invoice number you are trying to push with invoice number in the logs.

When Split Invoicing Module enabled: Since Sage 50 UK does not allow invoices with negative lines or credit memos with positive lines, this module splits AR transaction lines creating a Sage credit memo for any negative lines and a Sage invoice for any positive lines. The invoice number will have a 0 appended to it, the credit memo will have a 1 appended to it.

Check the logs for the invoice number, specifically look for the line:

|INFO|Mobius.Sage50Accounts.API.Adapter|Writing '1935180' to field '.INVOICE_NUMBER'2019-09-09 

Here we see that it's trying to write 1935180 as the invoice number. While the user was trying to push invoice number 193518. This means that the invoice contains credit memos with positive lines and 0 was appended to the invoice number. In case if another invoice with actual number 1935180 already exists in Sage it will give the error.  In this case, invoice number conflict should be resolved.

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